Celebrating 1000 deliveries in San Francisco (November 2011)

We're Postmates, an on demand delivery service connecting couriers and bike messengers within a city to anyone who needs to ship anything, from a birthday card to a refrigerator. During the last three months in private beta we fulfilled over 1,000 deliveries in San Francisco. Now we’re live and this is what we’ve learned.

Distance covered: 2X average length of the Tour de France.



Top five neighborhoods:

    Soma (327)

    Financial District (180)

    Mission (97)

    Marina (75)

    Western Addition (70)

  • Most common delivery:
  • Envelope
  • Most unusual delivery:
  • Lederhosen
  • Elevation climbed:


Deliveries by hour of day (PT):

Number of couriers:

Number of retail stores:


Longest stop light:

Delivery stats:

  • Average delivery time 43 min.

  • Average delivery distance 5.7 mi.

  • Time saved w/ Postmates 717 hours


Retail partners:

Height of deliveries

Stacked on top of each other

  • 3
  • 0
  • 5

Delivery distribution